Murera Secondary School was established in 1986 as a developmental initiative of the local community in consultation with Hon. George Muhoho, then the Minister for Tourism, and area Member of Parliament. Hon. Muhoho then approached a local women land buying group, Nyakinyua Women Investments Company, requesting for donation of land for the project. The group granted the request, and issued a land deed to the community for the project.

In February 1986, under the watchful eye of then Headmaster to Kumura Primary School, Mr. Gabriel Chege, the first class (initially comprised of 18 students) of the new Murera Secondary School was admitted. Later in March (1986), Hon. George Muhoho sought the transfer of Mr. Francis Mbugua Waiganjo from Chania High School, to become the first Principal to the new school. The school presented its first group of candidates to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 1989.

The interim school board hired two teachers who taught (the whole spectrum of secondary school curriculum) alternately throughout the day, to satisfy the young curious minds of their learners. It was not until March of the following year (1987) that, after incessant appeals for staffing and visiting to no end the Head offices of the Teachers Service Commission, Mr. Waiganjo’s efforts bore some fruits and the first graduate teacher was posted to the school. Soon thereafter, five more teachers were posted to the school in quick succession, and by the end of 1988, the school had a staff complement of ten T.S.C. teachers. Some members of that pioneering group of teachers included;PIONEER TEACHERS
1.Mr. Francis Mbugua Waiganjo 
2.Mr. Mungai Munoru 
3.Mr. Harrison Ndung’u Marira 
4.Mr. Kinyanjui, B.C.K. 
5.Ms. Esther Wanjiru Njung’e 
6.Mrs. Wanjiku Mwega  
7.Mr. Franklin Kimathi M’Mburung’a 
8.Mr. Peter Mwangi Ndung’u 
9.Mr. Leonard Revo Ng’ang’a 
10.Ms. Anne Njeri Kamau 
 With meager resources, the school infrastructural development did not match the increasing enrollment, and it was forced to impose on the primary school infrastructure for existence, and continued to operate from ‘borrowed’ primary school classrooms. However, during 1988-89, Alpa Nguvu relocated its operations to Nairobi, and its workshop buildings were renovated to become the first classrooms of the new school. This was not without its share of hardships, but with the benevolence of the then kiambu District Development Fund, and generous Harambee efforts spearheaded by Hon. Muhoho assisted by local politicians and community leaders, some funds tricked down to the school to support its initial development agenda. The school presented its first group of candidates to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 1989, and surprisingly, even with the severely limited resources and makeshift facilities, most of the students passed well with good grades to enabled them to pursue further education in various tertiary level education institutions. The success of that first class was followed closely in 1990 by the pioneering spirit of the second group of candidates to sit for the K.C.S.E. Again, though the school was still struggling to increase infrastructural capacity and improve existing facilities, these candidates confounded the naysayers and doubters by sending two of their very own to join the University of Nairobi, and Kenyatta University respectively.  Much water has passed under the bridge since those early formative days, and since then, the school has seen remarkable growth in infrastructure, improvement in academic performance at national examinations (the school’s mean grade has seen an upward trend since 2000), student community dynamics resulting from increased enrollment (currently the school has 367 enrolled students, with projection to top 400 students at the end of 2010), not to mention its prowess in various games and sports. Indeed, the school has had a long and illustrious history of outstanding and meritorious achievements in sports, especially in volleyball, athletics, and Badminton, wherein it dominates in both the Zonal and District sporting events. Since its inception, the school has had four Principal Head Teachers, namely;
  1. Mr. Francis Mbugua Waiganjo 1986 – 2001
  2. Mrs. Jane Githiomi 2002 - 2005
  3. Mr. Peter Wambugu 2006 – 2008
  4. Mr. S.N. Waiganjo 2009